Right dose. Right location. Right results.1

When you decide to introduce TMS treatment into your practice, you’re making a big financial and clinical commitment. Unlike other TMS systems, NeuroStar® Advanced Therapy has been thoroughly vetted scientifically to prove its safety, efficacy, and treatment durability. With NeuroStar, you have the confidence of achieving clinical success across a broad range of patients. Based on the largest clinical data set of any TMS system, you know you’re giving your patients the best chance for remission from depression.

NeuroStar has shown high-maintained response rates and remission rates. It has been widely researched with clinical data in more than 900 patients over 11 studies.1 This includes:

  • Results in 23 publications
  • 2 randomized, controlled trials
  • 1 large real-world trial
  • 12-month durability data

NeuroStar is the only system with acute treatment response and remission for over 1 year.19 Additionally, clinical studies showed a low discontinuation rate of only 5%.6,7

Have a representative contact you to learn how you can become part of a growing community of providers who are demonstrating real-world success. NeuroStar has been used on more than 80,000 patients across more than 1.6 million treatment sessions. There are more than 800 systems installed across the United States with thousands of trained physicians and clinicians providing therapy.

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