NeuroStar Precision Pulse TMS Coil Design

NeuroStar provides targeted stimulation of the prefrontal cortex that activates deeper brain regions

  • Targeted stimulation to the intended tissues maximizes efficacy and safety
  • Magnetic field tailored to cortical neuron stimulation generating a tolerable treatment experience
  • Flexible product design allows for high volume clinical use across a broad range of depression patients’ profiles

NeuroStar Coil Positioning System

High Performance Coil Positioning System—Assures repeatable and accurate treatment for depression

  • Uses external cranial landmarks for precise, targeted, repeatable stimulation
  • Facilitates accurate alignment of patient’s head with integrated laser
  • Maintains proper patient alignment throughout treatment

* Some patients may require longer treatment

TrakStar Cloud

Powerful Patient Data Management. Secure data you can access anytime, anywhere.