SenStar® Treatment Link­—The link to safe, effective, and tolerable depression treatment

  • High technology device is comprised of several unique layers that ensure the treatment coil is functioning properly and positioned against the patient’s head
  • Confirms to treating physicians that their patients are receiving optimal depression treatment by ensuring an accurate magnetic field dose

SenStar Treatment Link

The Unique Layers of the SenStar Treatment Link

Layered SenStar Illustration

  • Sensory Guard – Protective guard reduces the magnetic field at the scalp, which may improve tolerability of high-frequency stimulation for some patients without affecting the deeper magnetic field in the brain Sensory-Guard
  • Magnetic Field Detector – Verifies the intensity of the magnetic field before each treatment, ensuring that patients receive exactly what the system operator programs for safe and effective treatmentVerification-Screen
  • Smart Chip – Signal processor ensures constant communication of treatment coil with the system software
  • Contact Sensors – Even a small displacement of the TMS treatment coil from the patient’s head (e.g. 2 mm) can reduce the magnetic field in the brain to sub-therapeutic levels
    • Sensors continuously monitor contact between the patient’s head and the coil
    • Allows the system operator to make coil adjustments and re-administer missed pulses
    • Ensures patients receive the full prescribed stimulation of the target tissue Contact-Sensor-Graphic-opt

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