Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation is not just a technology. It’s a community of dedicated clinicians, scientists, and engineers who understand the benefits our treatments provide to patients suffering with MDD.

When you join NeuroStar, you become a member of this thriving community leading the way to drive TMS forward — constantly refining the technology, expanding indications, and growing its availability to more and more patients nationwide.

When you invest in NeuroStar Advanced Therapy, you’re getting more than a world-class precision TMS technology — or best-in-class, round-the-clock service and support. You’re investing in a commitment to make TMS the standard of care in mental health.

We believe TMS succeeds when you succeed

At NeuroStar, we lead by example to ensure more patients have the opportunity to experience happy, more-enriching lives. We were first to market, first to receive FDA clearance, first to launch comprehensive clinical studies, and first to deliver the most precise TMS therapy. And we’re the first and only TMS company to provide all our customers comprehensive support to help you provide your patients the best care. We understand why it’s important for the TMS community to succeed and grow. And we know your practice is key to that success.

We continue to invest in reimbursement, research, marketing, and service

We’ve committed a nationwide reimbursement team to help you leverage state-by-state, provider-by-provider insights so your patients receive the benefits they deserve.

We’ve committed a significant media awareness team to grow TMS education, drive traffic to practices, and influence government and community activation. NeuroStar practices receive a full suite of patient education resources, and our advertising initiatives are driving qualified candidates directly to local practices through targeted broadcast, online, and print initiatives.

And we continue to commit our resources to advance clinical research to grow indications, and discover more about how/why the brain responds to TMS. We pioneered the research that formed TMS therapy, but we’ve only just begun. We envision many opportunities to develop enhanced and new technology that will grow and improve TMS therapy.

For us, TMS therapy done well is a worthy investment. We believe it deserves to be the standard of care — because your patients deserve a happy, enriching life. We need more leaders like you, so we’re looking forward to welcoming you to our TMS community