The NeuroStar University Self Study Program is designed to assist you and your staff by providing information and training support on the clinical use of the NeuroStar TMS Therapy® system. This web-based program includes 8 modules covering various topics related to setting up a TMS practice, patient selection, and clinical use of the NeuroStar TMS Therapy system for patient treatment.

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The modules in NeuroStar University offer:

  • Training to implement a successful NeuroStar TMS Therapy practice
  • Background scientific and practical knowledge to help understand NeuroStar TMS Therapy
  • Information on determining appropriate patients
  • Clinical efficacy and safety data for NeuroStar TMS Therapy
  • Practical information for conducting a NeuroStar TMS treatment session

After review of these materials, an on-site clinical training session is scheduled at the NeuroStar TMS clinician’s office:

  • A 3-day hands-on training course with a Neuronetics Clinical Training Specialist
  • Instruction to determine a patient’s Motor Threshold
  • Identification of the TMS treatment location and coil movement as well as proper seating of the coil at the treatment location
  • Procedures for the management of a TMS treatment session, including addressing questions of patient comfort
  • Direct observation of first patient treatments (maximum of 3) with Neuronetics Clinical Training Specialist present for mentoring

As always, a Clinical Training Specialist is available through Neuronetics Customer Service to offer additional phone consultation and address any questions that arise subsequent to initial clinical training.

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