When remission from MDD is at stake, the right dose to the right location matters.

After reading the clinical studies and hearing from peers, you’ve come to realize that TMS can transform your practice by transforming patients’ lives. But how do you choose the right TMS technology? There are a number of options, but only one offers the advanced technology that can help you achieve the clinical results you’ve been hearing about — NeuroStar® Advanced Therapy.

Precision is key to delivering the right TMS dosage. Over the course of multiple treatments, you want to consistently repeat the fully prescribed dose to targeted mood-regulating brain tissue. Deviations in dosing or location may degrade treatment, which could lead to patients not fully benefiting from TMS therapy.

Consider these questions when choosing a TMS system for your practice:

  • How does it ensure the most precise level of dosing?
  • How does it ensure the most precise delivery of dosing?
  • How does it ensure little-to-no stimulation of unrelated brain tissue?
Even if contact with the head is off by 1 mm, a 40% loss of prescribed TMS dose can occur.1

NeuroStar is designed to provide precise TMS dosage and location with unique, patented technology that guide you and your staff to consistently measure dosage, position the patient, and monitor treatment in real-time. These systems integrate more control and precision so TMS is consistent throughout multiple treatments.

Pathway to Precise Treatment

NeuroStar precisely targets key structures of the brain associated with depression.

There are other TMS options, but they don’t provide the precision of NeuroStar.

Some TMS providers claim to deliver better outcomes with “deep TMS”. Others claim all TMS systems are the same, then try to commoditize the technology with less expensive offerings. But upon closer examination of the facts these providers cannot come close to matching the precision of NeuroStar.

Learn how NeuroStar precision can transform your practice and your patients’ lives