Chung Trinh, MD, MHA

Mental Health Research, Neuromodulation Expert


Dr.Trinh is a TMS expert and works closely in collaboration with other providers to deliver advanced TMS therapy. He received his Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) from St. Matthew's University School of Medicine in the Cayman Islands. He received intensive TMS and tDCS training from Berenson-Allen Center for Noninvasive Brain Stimulation (BACNBS) at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Harvard Medical School, in Boston, MA. He has experience in NIH-funded clinical research in the areas of endocrinology and neuropharmacology. Dr. Trinh has particular interest in evidence-based neuromodulation and TMS research, especially in non-drug treatment modalities. He is a passionate advocate for greater mental health awareness and support.
"Discipline in simplicity is a commitment to value" is a concept Dr. Trinh emphasizes often.


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