David Jones, DO

Board Certified Psychiatrist


We have been providing TMS to patients since early in 2011 and are excited about the results people are getting from this treatment. Dr. Jones has been interested in TMS since first learning about it in 2000 and is grateful to be able to provide this advanced treatment to patients in Southern Maine. Claudia Jones, our TMS Treatment Coordinator is committed to giving each patient the best treatment experience possible.

David Jones, DO is a Board Certified Psychiatrist with extensive experience treating all types of depressive and anxiety conditions in office, hospital and partial hospital settings. He and his team have had great successes treating patients with transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS). He is on the staff of Southern Maine Medical Center and Spring Harbor Hospital and practices at Broadleaf Behavioral Health.

Claudia Jones, TMS Treatment Coordinator, has been providing transcranial magnetic stimulation to patients for over a year and is very experienced in all facets of providing TMS. Her background and demeanor makes it very easy for patients to converse and have a positive experience during their treatment.