Dr. Samir Farag, MD

Medical Director


Dr. Farag attended and graduated from medical school in 1973, and completed his residency in psychiatry at Albert Einstein Medical center in 1985.
The strength of his practice is the embodiment of accurate assessments with responsible medication management. He believes in working with multi-disciplinary practitioners to create the most beneficial treatment plan for each of his patients. Recently this multi-faceted approach was broadened to include NeuroStar TMS therapy. Dr. Farag, after much research, is proud to provide TMS as a new hope for patients with treatment resistant Major Depression.


Dr. Farag currently serves as the Medical Director for Penn Psychiatric Center a Outpatient Mental health facility located in Phoenixville and Collegeville, Pennsylvania. Dr. Farag has actively served as a leader in the Chester and Montgomery County communities for well over three decades. He has previously served as Medical Director at Community Services for Human Growth and Creative Health Services.