Integrated TMS

Jeffrey E. Taxman, MD


Undergraduate: Brandeis University
Medical School: University of Wisconsin-Madison
Residency: Cornell University-New York Hospital-Westchester
Psychoanalytic Training: Chicago Institute of Psychoanalysis

Dr. Jeffrey Taxman is a board-certified psychiatrist and Neurostar Certified provider in the application of TMS Therapy. As Medical Director of Integrated TMS, Dr. Taxman brings over 35 years of experience as a practicing psychiatrist and trained psychoanalyst to this comprehensive approach to treatment resistant depression. Such a diverse experience has inspired him to bring transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) to his clinic as an alternative treatment to drug therapy that is also FDA-Approved, effective, safe and non-invasive.

Dr. Taxman has a breadth of experience academically, clinically and medically that strengthens Integrated TMS. With such wide ranging experience and interest, Dr. Taxman's primary clinical focus is on-going psychotherapy and working with his patients and those at MCA to evaluate their complete medical condition and assess its impact on their mental health.

Dr, Taxman works with patients age 16 and older. His clinical philosophy:
"Patients often don't know what the problem is. They don't know the solution, or they wouldn't be here. Yet, the patient is the only one that has the answers. My job is to help them find the real problem and their best solution, not unlike an experienced guide on a mountain path. This approach demands an initial position of humility and respect on the therapist's part."

Dr. Taxman is also an internationally recognized expert on massive community disaster relief and supporting first responders and those dealing with crisis situations in the workplace and their communities. In addition to his work with first responders at Ground Zero weeks after the attacks of September 11th, he has worked with police officers, military, federal law enforcement officers, and other first responders in the United States, China, Haiti, Jordan, and Sri Lanka.


In addition to his work at Integrated TMS and Mequon Clinical Associates, Dr. Taxman is an Associate Clinical Faculty Member of the Medical College of Wisconsin, Department of Psychiatry where he teaches theory and clinical technique to psychiatry residents.