John G. Luehr, MD



A note from Dr. Luehr:

"I believe life’s challenges, including emotional wellness challenges, are like a team sport. You are the most important member of your team. But to play your best game, you need other team members for support, insight, coaching, and practice.

My main role on the team is that of equipment manager. Your description of the obstacles and difficulties, coupled with my experience and knowledge, allows us as a team to create the best medication strategy for you. Just as the right shoes can help an athlete gain better traction, the right medication can help you engage in the other components of your emotional wellness."


Dr. Luehr is a graduate of St. Olaf College, U of M Medical School, and the Mayo Clinic where he completed his residency in adult psychiatry and a fellowship in child and adolescent psychiatry

*Board Certified in Psychiatry
*Board Certified in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry


Over 25 years of clinical experience treating children, adolescents, and adults in a wide variety of settings.


*Psychiatric medication management (child, adolescent, and adult)
*Pharmacogenomic testing: From a cheek swab, this genetic testing is able to provide helpful information on how an individual will react or respond to different medications. These results can help guide medication choices to minimize side effects and maximize efficacy. You can learn more about this at
*Collaboration with advanced practice nurses
*Providing CME (Continuing Medical Education) presentations
*Integrated mental health care with primary care