Karan Narwal

CEO – TMS Specialist & Director of Research


Karan Narwal received his undergraduate degree in Marketing & Psychology from New York Institute of Technology. He is a recent Medical Graduate from Aureus University School of Medicine with a focus on Psychiatry & Mental Health. Karan is our certified TMS specialist during his journey to become a Psychiatrist. During medical school training, he was able to work with both pediatric and adult patients in inpatient & outpatient psychiatric facilities. His focus on Psychiatry has led him to The TMS Advantage as a TMS Specialist, CEO & Director of Research. In addition, he has worked as a Behavioral Assistant, as an Anesthesia Technician, and as a contributing Mental Health Writer for online publications. As a Psychiatric Residency Candidate for the future, Karan brings a medical background with a personalized approach for all our patients. He believes in understanding each person individually with a progressive approach to having efficient & effective TMS treatment which is what gives you the advantage when it comes to mental health. During his time with Advantage, Karan will be a part of research, coordination & development of our TMS program.


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