Michelle Cochran MD

Medical Director


Dr Cochran is considered to be one of the leading TMS clinicians in Middle Tennessee and the Southeastern United States. She currently serves as Vice President for the Executive Board of the Clinical TMS Society, and teaches at national TMS conferences.

As an early provider of TMS in a clinical setting, Dr Cochran is a passionate and skilled caregiver who understands the the patient struggling with Major Depressive Disorder and other ailments that may be treated by TMS. Dr Cochran has not only the skills, experience, and reputation to deliver accurate TMS treatments, but also the ability to work with the patient and their loved ones throughout the treatment process.

Dr Cochran is known for being very caring, supportive, and generous with her time as she oversees each treatment. Meeting with patients for in-depth analysis and review each week is what separates her from other area offices. Her passion and unending commitment to get patients well is rarely seen elsewhere. Dr Cochran's TMS Coordinator is a licensed therapist and works closely with each patient to help them achieve goals during the course of TMS.

If you are serious about getting well, please call or visit our website, www.NashvilleTMSDoctor.com, to request a free consultation or Full TMS Evaluation with Dr Cochran.


♣ Board of Directors TMS Clinical Society
♣ Leading TMS Clinician in the US
♣ Harvard, Duke, and Industry trained
♣ Founding Member Clinical TMS Society
20+ Years Clinical Experience, Respected Community Member, Board Certified, Female Psychiatrist, Member of Tennessee Women in Medicine, Member of Nashville Academy of Medicine, Member of Tennessee Medical Asssociation, Member of American Academy of Physicians & Surgeons, Fellow and Member of American Psychiatric Association, Member of Tennessee Psychiatric Association, Member of International ECT & Neuromodulation Society, National TMS Speaker/Trainer, Featured in Fox News, Featured in Healthy Nashville, Featured in Tennessean, Active Community Supporter, Vanderbilt Clinical Faculty Member