Rad Gharavi, MD



Dr. Gharavi completed his residency at Mount Sinai-NYU medical center in New York City where he served as chief resident in emergency psychiatry and treated a multitude of psychiatric emergencies.

Languages spoken: English, Farsi, and Hungarian


Dr. Gharavi, has been practicing psychiatry for more than 15 years and has served as Chairman of department of psychiatry at Loretto hospital as well as the Psychiaric director. He has served as clinical director at Hartgrove hospital where he continues to serve adult and adolescent clients, and currnetly serves as clinical director at Riveredge hospital. He has an extensive knowledge of pharmocological and non-pharmocological treatment of a variety of psychiatric conditions including Major depression and anxiety, bipolar disorder, and psychotic spectrum disorders.
TMS therapy has been a passion of his for many years and recent Clearance by FDA has made this service available and possible.