Nationwide Insurance Coverage

NeuroStar® Advanced Therapy for Mental Health is widely reimbursed, with insurance coverage in all 50 states, including Medicare and Tricare.

Over 300 million people have insurance plans that cover NeuroStar therapy.

NeuroStar TMS Treatment is Widely Covered by Insurance Plans

Over 300 million people have insurance plans that cover NeuroStar® Advanced Therapy. Use our coverage search tool to find information on insurance plan coverage for NeuroStar treatment.

NeuroStar Reimbursement Managers are here to help you navigate your local reimbursement landscape and can also help you optimize your authorization and billing procedures. Reimbursement Managers are available to provide general assistance with understanding the insurance coverage process and can also assist with verifying patient insurance benefits.

As coverage and payment can vary based on specific plans and guidelines, it’s best to contact your insurance company directly to verify eligibility, benefits, and coverage for NeuroStar treatment.

For more information, please contact NeuroStar Reimbursement Support at 877-622-2867 or

Contact a NeuroStar representative today for more information on making NeuroStar a part of your future.

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