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Drew Robinson’s NeuroStar® TMS Journey

Once he felt he had no options for treating his depression. Today former professional baseball player Drew Robinson is a mental health advocate, telling his story of tragedy turned to triumph with NeuroStar TMS.

Drew Robinson - A NeuroStar TMS Journey

Talk About ALL The Options for Treating Depression with Drew Robinson

Sharing Drew’s journey with your patients is a powerful way to make sure they know all their treatment options.

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Help your MDD patients tap into a new possibility

In a retrospective study of real world patient outcomes**, 83% of people who completed NeuroStar treatment experienced measurable relief, and 62% of those completing treatment saw full remission.5,22


And NeuroStar TMS has proven 12-month durability in treatment-resistant depression.8,11

83 %


62 %


NeuroStar TMS - Proven depression relief that lasts

For patients like Drew, NeuroStar TMS is safe, effective, FDA-cleared treatment for major depressive disorder, without the systemic side effects of antidepressant medication.

Your patients deserve the best chance for depression relief. Give your MDD patients every possibility for a future they can live with.

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