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For patients whose quality of life is just “okay” on antidepressants, trying another medication isn’t always the answer. NeuroStar® is a non-drug, noninvasive treatment proven to transform lives.1 In real-world-outcome** published response rates, up to 83% of patients responded to NeuroStar Advanced Therapy.2, 21

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Only NeuroStar® has more than 100 field-based experts in practice consulting, clinical training, reimbursement, technical service, and more, every one of them passionate about helping you establish, maintain, and grow a successful practice.

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Only NeuroStar® delivers one-of-a-kind provider partnerships and is spending $10.1 million in marketing this year to build awareness and patient access for your practice. Our 5-STARS to Success is a proven formula to help grow your practice and transform the lives of more patients.

5-Stars to Success

The Only TMS Technology that Offers a Proven Partnership

Only NeuroStar is the market leader in clinical practice with over 4 million treatments performed, over 112,000 patients treated, and over 11,000 individuals in our patient registry.
Only NeuroStar has shown an 83% response rate and a 62% remission rate in the largest Outcomes Registry** in depression.2,21
Only NeuroStar is backed by more clinical studies in depression than any other TMS treatment.4
Only NeuroStar provides lifetime support for your practice with the industry’s largest field and customer support teams.
Only NeuroStar offers 5-STARS to Success, a unique program that will help you establish and grow your NeuroStar practice, reach new patients, and continue to succeed.

Solutions Beyond Medication

NeuroStar is an FDA-cleared non-drug, noninvasive treatment for patients with depression who are not satisfied with the results of antidepressant medications. NeuroStar is proven safe, proven effective, and proven to transform lives.1,17

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Help Patients Reach Remission & Stay There

Powered by patented TMS technology, NeuroStar precisely targets the areas of the brain associated with depression, delivering consistent response rates.27,28 Only NeuroStar has proven durability through 12 months.1,20

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Giving You More Ways to Succeed

Based on 12 years of results, our 5-STARS to Success program helps you provide the highest level of care, attract and maintain patients, and grow your practice. We offer the largest support team in the industry.

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“NeuroStar has the data to support their benefits, they offer hands-on training and customer service, and they have provided ongoing support for our practice. Patient response rates to NeuroStar have been exceptional.”

—Dr. Melissa Fickey

Insurance Coverage in All 50 States

Over 300 million people have eligible coverage. NeuroStar has a specialized reimbursement team with the expertise to support you throughout our partnership.


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