Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion

At Neuronetics, we believe that our employees, our customers, and the patients and communities we serve deserve our best. Our diversity, inclusion, and belonging (DIB) philosophy is aligned with our mission and values and includes the following objectives:

  • Foster a culture of inclusion and diversity
  • Increase awareness of systemic racism and racial injustice
  • Create a safe space for shared learning and dialogue

IDEA = Inclusion & Diversity Energize Action!

The Neuronetics IDEA Exchange is our employee-led and executive-sponsored diversity and inclusion committee. The IDEA Exchange was born out of Neuronetics employees wanting to create a safe space and a culture of learning, sharing, and taking action against systemic racism and injustice toward all marginalized people.

A DIB Workforce

Neuronetics works to attract diverse, best-in-class talent at all levels. We build on our high-performance culture with a DIB workforce. We foster a driven, results-oriented, performance-based culture—a culture that employees want to grow within.

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“Prioritizing diversity and inclusion in the workplace is one way leaders can set their businesses up for success and give all employees a place to thrive.”

—Keith Sullivan, President & CEO

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