Before Your Consultation

Will I Need to Continue My Medication?

Everyone is different. It’s important to come to your first appointment prepared with information about your depression treatment history and use of antidepressants. You and your doctor will discuss your current medications, and then determine your best course of action.

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Will Insurance Cover My Treatment?

NeuroStar is covered by most health plans, including Medicare and Tricare. When you consult with your doctor, check to see if you meet medical requirements and other necessary guidelines for reimbursement.

As coverage can vary between health plans, you may want to check with your NeuroStar provider before your consultation to verify eligibility, benefits, and coverage for NeuroStar Advanced Therapy. You can also use our search tool to see if your insurance has you covered.

Check Your Coverage

More Questions?

If you’ve got more questions on NeuroStar Advanced Therapy for Mental Health, we’ve got answers.

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