Who is NeuroStar for?

Who is NeuroStar® for?

Non-Drug Relief For Treatment-Resistant Depression

Over 21 million Americans suffer from major depressive disorder.7,11

An estimated 6.4 million have tried antidepressants without success.

The #1 physician recommended TMS treatment

NeuroStar is the #1 physician recommended TMS treatment and has been proven safe and effective for patients who have not seen symptom improvement or remission from medications. If you have been diagnosed with MDD, and have not found relief from antidepressants, NeuroStar may be right for you.
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The limitations of antidepressants

The largest prospective clinical trial of major depressive disorder ever conducted, the STAR*D study showed that a patient’s chance for remission decreases with each subsequent medication attempt.

STAR*D Achieving Remission chart

STAR*D also showed that the discontinuation of antidepressants due to side effects increases with each medication attempt.6,7,17,18


If you’re looking for another option for treating depression, you’re not alone

Based on a recent market research study of 500 patients diagnosed with depression, NeuroStar found that 67% of these patients were not happy with their current treatment or quality of life and were actively searching for a new treatment solution.4

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If antidepressants haven’t
worked for you

NeuroStar is currently available for people suffering with Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) and is covered by most insurance.

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