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Three out of five patients suffering from depression are currently underserved by their antidepressant medications or have not found a medication that has helped them find lasting remission.7,11,19

Antidepressants Can Have Limitations

The largest prospective clinical trial of major depressive disorder ever conducted, the STAR*D study showed that treatment resistance causes a patient’s chance for remission to decrease with each subsequent medication attempt.6,13,16,18

STAR*D Achieving Remission chart

STAR*D also showed that the discontinuation of antidepressants due to side effects increases with each treatment attempt.6,13,16,18

STAR*D Discontinuation chart

NeuroStar® is Here to Help

Based on a recent market research study of 500 patients diagnosed with depression, NeuroStar found that 67% of these patients were not happy with their current treatment and quality of life, and were actively searching for a new treatment solution.

NeuroStar® Advanced Therapy for Mental Health is here to help.

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