Is NeuroStar Right For Me?

Is NeuroStar® Right for Me?

How to know if NeuroStar might help you.

A new possibility in treating depression

If you have been diagnosed with MDD (Major Depressive Disorder), and have not experienced relief from antidepressants, NeuroStar may be right for you. NeuroStar is not a drug. It is not another form of shock therapy or surgery. And it has none of the common side effects associated with medications.9,10

NeuroStar is an in-office treatment lasting as little as 19 minutes per daily session over the course of 6 weeks. Choose one of the options below and see if NeuroStar is right for you.

Your NeuroStar doctor will determine what is right for you

Brand Scan Showing Where on the Brain NeuroStar Treats

Find out if NeuroStar TMS is an option for you.

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I’m not happy with my current treatment options and am ready to try something new.

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I’m not sure if TMS is right for me and need more information.

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NeuroStar has already changed the lives of thousands of people. Maybe it can help you.

6.4 M

The Physicians' Choice

NeuroStar is the #1 physician-recommended TMS treatment, with over 6.4 million treatments performed, in over 175,000 people.

83 %

Proven Depression Relief

A real-world study reported an 83% response rate. This means that 83% of patients that completed their NeuroStar treatment cycle saw measurable improvement in their depression symptoms.**,12

12 M

Results That Last

NeuroStar is the only TMS therapy with demonstrated durability*** in treatment resistant depression patients through one year.5,8

Studies show that with every subsequent round of medication, the chances of remission decrease, and the chance of abandoning treatment increases. NeuroStar is safe, effective, and proven to deliver lasting results. 6,7,17,18