How Does NeuroStar Work?

How Does NeuroStar® Work?

Helping the brain work the way it should.

Treating depression where it starts

Medical treatments for depression are usually centered around antidepressants that rely on the systems in your body to deliver relief. NeuroStar Advanced TMS treatments go right to the source of depression—your brain.

There are specific areas in your brain that control mood. When synapses in those mood-regulating areas are underactive, connections are broken and depression can result.14,15 NeuroStar revitalizes those dormant synapses, “waking up” the brain to function as it was meant to.1,12,15

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If you’ve not found relief from antidepressant medications, NeuroStar might be an option for you.
83 %

Measurable Improvement

A real-world study reported an 83% response rate. This means that 83% of patients that completed their NeuroStar treatment cycle saw measurable improvement in their depression symptoms.**12

62 %

Complete Remission

The same real-world study reported a 62% remission rate. This means that 62% of patients that completed their NeuroStar treatment cycle likely wouldn’t be diagnosed with MDD if they were first being evaluated by their doctor.**12

7 %

Decreasing Remission with Medications

By comparison, in a separate study not involving NeuroStar, for patients who have not found relief from 3 or more antidepressants, the chance of remission from subsequent medications is less than 7%.6,7,17,18

For people who have not found relief from antidepressants, NeuroStar TMS is a safe and proven treatment for depression.


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Advanced treatment for depression, without medication

NeuroStar is a noninvasive, outpatient treatment that takes as little as 19 minutes per day. During each session, a cushioned coil is precisely placed against your head while magnetic pulses deliver the therapy to the correct location that regulates mood in your brain.

You may feel a tapping, tingling, or warming sensation where the coil is positioned. This is usually temporary and subsides with subsequent treatments. You will be awake and alert during the treatment and may resume regular activities immediately afterward.

NeuroStar is a safe, proven alternative for treating major depression.1

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How is NeuroStar different?

NeuroStar TMS doesn’t go through the digestive system or affect the rest of the body, so it has none of the common side effects associated with medications.1,9 NeuroStar’s unique “figure-8” coil focuses treatment precisely at the source of the depression: the brain. And our patented Contact Sensing technology ensures the prescribed dosage, every treatment, every pulse. This allows NeuroStar to treat depression safely, without the common side effects of medication.

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Better targeting equals better treatment and better depression relief for NeuroStar patients.

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