Drew Robinson’s Story

Drew Robinson:

Shares his depression journey on the Today Show

When antidepressant medications didn’t provide relief, former professional baseball player Drew Robinson faced the unthinkable. Today he’s sharing his story, as he recently did on the Today Show with Carson Daly, and helping others find a new possibility for treating their depression.

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Drew Robinson’s NeuroStar Journey

All Drew Robinson ever wanted to do was play baseball. But depression got in the way of his dreams. Even standing on the field in a big-league stadium, Drew struggled with depression, self-doubt, and fear of failure. Instead of feeling successful, he carried around the weight of feeling like he was living a lie and that he would be a burden to his family, friends and teammates. Eventually, Drew tried to take his own life.

But Drew’s story was not over. He survived that fateful day, and today he’s inspired to help others know all their options for treating depression, even when antidepressants don’t work.

Drew tapped into a new possibility to treat his depression with NeuroStar TMS, and so can you.


My Journey with Depression & NeuroStar with Drew Robinson

Depression in Sports: Let's Talk About It

Why NeuroStar Was the Right Choice for Me

NeuroStar Gave Me a New Possibility

Depression Isolates. NeuroStar Connects.

My Journey with Depression & NeuroStar with Drew Robinson

Depression in Sports: Let's Talk About It

Why NeuroStar Was the Right Choice for Me

NeuroStar Gave Me a New Possibility

Depression Isolates. NeuroStar Connects.

TMS - A safe, effective option for depression treatment

When antidepressants didn’t provide relief for Drew’s depression, he didn’t know he had other options. The same is true for so many people; when antidepressants don’t work, they lose hope, and feel their depression just can’t be helped. Luckily he found Dr. Zand, who helped him learn about all his treatment possibilities.

If you, or someone you love, are suffering from depression and antidepressants haven’t helped, talk with a NeuroStar doctor and see if NeuroStar TMS might be the possibility you’re looking for.

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