NeuroStar Providers listed on this website have been included at their request.* There may be other physicians in your area not listed here who provide NeuroStar Advanced Therapy. To maintain their listing on this site, NeuroStar Providers are required to treat patients with NeuroStar Advanced Therapy on a regular basis so that patients receive quality clinical care.

NeuroStar Providers designated with a gold circle are those who are estimated to have performed 500 or more treatments over the past twelve months, which corresponds to treating approximately 20 or more patients with a typical course of treatment during that period. The gold circle designation of a NeuroStar Provider is intended solely to convey information about the estimated frequency of NeuroStar Advanced Therapy treatments performed by a physician during the preceding year, and is not intended to suggest or imply any difference in the quality of treatment you may receive from any physician.

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*These physicians are neither employed nor compensated by Neuronetics with respect to this program, and no assurances or guarantees are provided with respect to their services. We provide this information for your convenience, but it is your responsibility to select a physician appropriate to your needs. Your physician and state or county medical society are also sources you may wish to consider for physician referral information.


Gold Circle Providers

Gold Circle Providers are NeuroStar Doctors who have performed 500 or more treatments in the last 12 months.