Sobia Kirmani-Moe, MD, MSW


Our passion here at Collaborative Solutions in Psychiatry is to provide individualized care. Dr. Kirmani-Moe is always looking for treatments for mental health that go beyond prescription medications. With that goal in mind, her practice chose to work with Neurostar to bring Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) to its patients. TMS offers not only improvement, but actual remission of even the most severe cases of depression.

Our practice found that using therapy and medication alone for some of our patients was only helping slightly, and they felt “just a little bit better”. They shared with us that they were sick of trying medication after medication to little effect, and even adding in psychotherapy was not enough to pull them out of their “funk”.

Dr. Kirmani-Moe first heard about TMS in 2010 just a couple of years after this “new treatment” received FDA approval. At that time, it seemed too good to be true but the evidence proves it works. Now we proudly offer this treatment at our clinic. Collaborative Solutions in Psychiatry is located in Madison, and TMS has allowed us to change the lives of people who had been on multiple medications, and only ever felt somewhat better but often at the cost of side effects from those medications. We are thrilled to provide a treatment that offers immense benefits with no long-term side effects! Instead of minor improvements on some symptoms we are actually putting depression into remission.

We hope that you choose to reach out. Our passion is to create individualized plans through collaboration with our patients; after all, it’s in our name. Please call Collaborative Solutions in Psychiatry today so we can get you on the path to recovery.